Lydiard Method Phase 1: Aerobic Base Building

Given its time already to decide on your Fall goal race and training approach, the next few TTT’s will be focused on summarizing the key elements of each phase within the Lydiard Method. An optimum period of time to train for a full or half marathon is 18 – 24 weeks. May will be the time to begin your work.   

The Lydiard Method is comprised of 5 phases, in sequence, each of which builds specific systems you will need to perform at your peak during your goal race.

The first phase is called Aerobic Base Building and typically is 8-10 weeks in length. This phase will build your aerobic engine. Why is this important? Because your aerobic capacity drives endurance and services and enhances the recovery process. Distance running, particularly at the half and full marathon lengths are over 98% aerobic in nature. Basically, if you don’t develop a strong aerobic engine you will not be able to run these distances.

Several key physiological changes occur during this phase such as developing your cardiovascular system and your capillary beds which is where ATP is made which powers muscle movement. It increases the numbers and size of Mitochondria which is where ATP actually is created. And it develops your ability to efficiently burn fat, the best source of energy for endurance running.

The creation of ATP happens in the Mitochondria and happens in the presence of Oxygen (cardiovascular system), Fat (your ability to efficiently burn is critical) and Sugar. This is the little engine at the cellular/muscle fiber level which drives your ability to run efficiently.

Lydiard Phase One Graphic TTT.png

How is this all accomplished? During this base building phase, you will run several long aerobic runs per week at a comfortable pace during which you must be able to pass the “talk” test.  Depending on your starting fitness level you gradually build this capability over long runs that last 1 hour up to 2 hours and 30 minutes.  While there are several other workouts included during the week, the key focus are these longer aerobic runs. This phase can last 8-10 depending on your overall plan and time until your goal race.

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Bob Dyer (Co-owner, Running Niche)
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