Lydiard Method Phase 4

Lydiard Method Phase 4

An optimum period of time to train for a full or half marathon is 18 – 24 weeks. May is the time to begin your work and start your training plan for your fall goal race.

The Lydiard Method is comprised of 5 phases, in sequence, each of which builds specific systems you will need to perform at your peak during your goal race.

The fourth phase is called Integration and typically is 4 weeks in length. The prior 3 phases have allowed you to develop aerobic and anaerobic capacities, your recovery systems and muscular and cardiac strength. Integration now prepares you to run your target race distance, begin recovery and is your bridge to peak fitness.

The key changes which occur during integration are bringing the systems that have been developed together to allow you to run at your aerobic threshold and stead state comfortably. It also teaches you to handle that fine line between aerobic and anaerobic threshold and access when you are in anaerobic. And, critically important, teaches pacing skills and race day practice.

This is accomplished through simulating race conditions via time trials, controlled out & back runs and races. During this phase you will also add in short fast sprinting workouts called 100/100’s or 50/50’s which prepares you to handle a fast pace towards the end of your race.

Keep in mind during Phase 4 long aerobic runs are switched to long jogs while aerobic runs are still a key element of the phase as is easy fartlek and cut downs. This is also the time to learn what you still need. Is it more endurance or more speed? Integration is where these skills are either dialed up or dialed down depending on where your gap is. Also, your mileage continues to decrease while the intensity increases allowing the beginning of total recovery leading into tapering phase.

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Bob Dyer (Co-owner, Running Niche)
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