Lydiard Method Phase 2: Hill Training

Given its time already to decide on your Fall goal race and training approach, the next few TTT’s will be focused on summarizing the key elements of each phase within the Lydiard Method. An optimum period of time to train for a full or half marathon is 18 – 24 weeks. The month of May will be the time to begin your work.

Lyd Hill Phase Two.png

The Lydiard Method is comprised of 5 phases, in sequence, each of which builds specific systems you will need to perform at your peak during your goal race.

The second phase is called Hill Training and typically is 4 weeks in length. This phase introduces power and flexibility in the leg’s muscles. Why is this important? Because this will prepare you for anaerobic training in phase 3 which is faster and more demanding.

The key changes which occur during this phase are leg speed, resistance to pounding and creates much needed power and flex in your legs.

This is accomplished through one or two hill workouts per week depending on the # of days you are running. Running up the hill is down slowly as its meant to be plyometric in nature. The slower you go up the more resistance will be felt and better results created. You find a hill 200m – 400m in length, run up it slowly with good knee lift. Jog at the top then stride downhill at a fast-relaxed pace. At the bottom do 3x75m-100m strides. The workouts build from 1-2 circuit repeats to 3-4 over the phase. This is not an anaerobic workout!

Keep in mind during Phase 2 there are still long aerobic runs, easy fartlek and a faster out/back or progress calibration run.

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Bob Dyer (Co-owner, Running Niche)
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