A Good Coach

Having a training plan is but half of the training equation, having someone to help guide you through it is the other half. So, what are the characteristics of a good coach?

A good coach:
• Has a deep understanding of training principles and the physiology behind them. A good coach should be able to explain why you are doing the workout and the benefit it brings.
• Should welcome questions regarding training and methods. Dialog leads to better understanding.
• Expects sincerity. Training and coaching take a lot of time, if the runner isn’t committed the results won’t be there at the end. The coach needs to remind the runner what it required to achieve their goals.
• Asks questions. In this way they can understand what may be going on in the runner’s life which may lead to adjustments in training.
• Has the intuition to adjusts the runner’s workout(s) as needed or urge them to take a day off. Training often leads to emotional fatigue or small aches and pains which if not addressed can lead to larger issues requiring more time to be missed.
• Is motivating yet honest. It does no one good to blow hot air. A good coach is straight forward and clear on expectations and evaluating state of fitness.
• Has done it before. Meaning they have experienced training, racing, had successes and failures and learned from it all.
• Has some accreditation. Simply running isn’t enough. There are a variety of training methods out there, its important the coach has a clear point of view, knowledge base and has completed a thorough accreditation process. This isn’t just about the particular method but also basics of how to coach a runner.
Shown in the photo from left are coaches Bill Bowerman, Nobby Hashizume and Arthur Lydiard. Nobby is one of the worlds foremost authority on the Lydiard Method and helps us at Running Niche as we need with advice and interpretation of Lydiard training.

From left to right: Bill Bowerman, Nobby Hashizume and Arthur Lydiard.

From left to right: Bill Bowerman, Nobby Hashizume and Arthur Lydiard.

Here at Running Niche we are trained Lydiard level I & II coaches. Please stop in the store to learn more about the Lydiard Method. We can help you sign up. While your personalized plan costs $100, and goes to a non-profit, we provide the day to day coaching at no additional charge.

Bob Dyer (Co-owner, Running Niche)
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