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4131 Manchester Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 405-8006

We are located in the Grove neighborhood in the city of St. Louis close to Forest Park, Tower Grove Park, The Cortex, SLU, and Wash U.


Running Niche is dedicated to helping runners and walkers, from seasoned athletes to beginners, achieve their performance, health and fitness goals and potential. We promise to create partnerships in the local running community to connect runners with the resources they need.

Running Niche is located on Manchester Avenue in the Grove STL

Running Niche is located on Manchester Avenue in the Grove STL

What is Running Niche?
Running Niche is a locally owned and operated specialty run/walk retail store serving the St. Louis area.

Where is Running Niche located?
We are located in the vibrant Grove neighborhood in the city of St. Louis. Our address is 4131 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110.

Who is Running Niche for?
Runners and walkers from beginners to experienced, adolescents to adults who are interested in achieving their health, fitness and performance potential or who desire to be a part of the city running community.

What does Running Niche do?
Running Niche provides footwear, apparel, accessories, nutrition and personalize endurance training plans as well as hosting running groups and participating in local events in the Grove.

How is Running Niche different?
Running Niche occupies the “niche” of solving runners needs by providing highly functional yet unique running equipment. There are many under distributed, high quality running brands from around the world which are well-suited to the unique personal tastes and desires of runners. Our focus will be in five specific areas: footwear, running bras, apparel, energy/nutrition, and training programs.

Running Niche owners Jennifer Henderson and Bob Dyer.

Running Niche owners Jennifer Henderson and Bob Dyer.

Meet the Owners

Co-Owners Jennifer Henderson and Bob Dyer have deep running roots. Jennifer took up running 7 years ago and has completed several marathons and half marathons. Bob has a 2:21 marathon to his credit and has had a successful career in the footwear industry with Etonic Running, Puma, Brown Shoe Company and MBT. We look forward to seeing you in The Grove and joining you on your health and fitness journey! -Bob and Jen


We are proud to carry shoes from 361˚, Altra, Brooks, Hoka One One, Mizuno, Newton Running, and On Running.


We are proud to carry running/training/sports bras from Anita, Brooks, Enell and Handful.


We are proud to carry gear/apparel/accessories from AfterShokz, Amphipod, Goodr, Nathan, Nip Guard, Run Guard, Run’s Done, Safety Skin, Sauce, Scenturion, SweatX, Tifosi, and Timex.


We are proud to carry nutrition and recovery products from boom!, GU, Honey Stinger, Huma, Oofos, Pro-Tec, and TriggerPoint.